Some Helpful Tips

We would love to help every cat out there that needs a new home, but unless we are able to greatly increase the number of fosters, we just don’t have the resources. We don’t have a sanctuary or store, and all of our available foster homes are full of feral cats and kittens looking for new homes. If you have a cat or kitten that you can no longer keep, please DO NOT ABANDON THE CAT!! We have a few suggestions that might help you find that new home for your cat or kitten.
  • Try the obvious. Ask all of your friends, relatives, acquaintances if they can keep the cat or kitten even for a short time until a permanent home can be found. Offer to pay for food and veterinary care to assist in the transition.
  • Advertise. Flyers placed at the local veterinarian’s office, pet stores, community message boards, and apartment complexes often find great homes. For older cats think senior centers.
  • Call. Call ALL of the animal rescue organizations you can find. You can find the numbers of pet rescues on the web.