When deemed socially and medically ready, our rescued cats and kittens are placed up for adoption. An adoption donation is required to help Pink Paws cover the medical costs incurred in caring for these cats and kittens. This donation is discussed with potential adopters during the adoption process.

The Adoption Process

Pink Paws attempts to make the adoption process as easy as possible. Below are the steps you will go through as you work with us to find the right kitten/cat for you and/or your family.

The steps include:
  1. Identifying a cat that you are interested in;
  2. Inquiring about the cat;
  3. The Adoption Application;
  4. Approvals & Scheduling A Meet & Greet:
  5. Meeting the Cat;
  6. The Adoption Approval and Preparing for the kitties arrival home.

Step 1: Identify a Kitten/Cat You Are Interested In

Pink Paws always a variety of kittens/cats available for adoption. To view our current listing of available cats, click here.

Step 2: Inquire About Availability

If, when viewing our available cats, you see one that interests you, simply fill out the form on the cat’s profile page. After completing, press send. A member of the team will get back to you.

If you did not see a specific cat you are looking for, and want to inquire if we have others available or soon coming up, send an email to [email protected]. A member of the team will get back to you.

Step 3: The Adoption Application

After receiving your inquiry, we will ask you to complete an Adoption Application form where we learn about you and determine if the kitten you are interested in is a good match for your home setting. If not, we discuss other viable options and next steps. After completing the Application, return it to: [email protected].

To find a copy of the Application, click here. Please submit the completed Application to [email protected].

Step 4: Approval/Denial for Meet & Greet

When Pink Paws receives your Adoption Application, it is reviewed, and a member of the Pink Paws team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Step 5: Meet & Greet

If there are no concerns, you will be scheduled for a meet/greet. This can be arranged in a variety of locations. As an example, it may be arranged in a foster member’s home. Our settings are all safe and secure for the adopter, Pink Paws team member, and the pet.

Step 6: Adoption Approval

If, after meeting the kitty, you wish to adopt it, your Adoption Application will be forwarded to the appropriate team in Pink Paws who gives final approval. If approved, the Pink Paws team member will walk through the paperwork with you, and discuss essential items to have before your kitty can home.