Rescues & Volunteers at Pink Paws



Lola, a very sweet two to three year old lived outside a laundromat. People fed her junk food from the vending machines. She loved Cheetos. It took a little experimenting with different kibbles but she settled on a good brand of kitten kibble. She started gaining weight and was soon ready for adoption.

She ignores dogs but really hates other cats. Just the smell of other cats puts her in a bad mood. We had to cover her cage during adoptions but she still wasn't happy.

She was adopted by a woman with a small dog. The dog was ignored by Lola but the dog would not stop barking at her. After 2 weeks Lola was returned. She got another chance when she was adopted by a retired elderly woman. The woman adores Lola. Lola plays with the grand kids and lets them pet her. She sleeps on the bed and gets to snuggle a lot. She also has a lot of toys to keep her busy.

A perfect match.



This story is just one of the success stories we have about our ferals and their kittens.

VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT HAPPEN! Can you spend a few hours to volunteer from your home? You can be a virtual volunteer never leaving your home. You'd be working on the website, Facebook or writing a blog. You might also write news releases and stories, or contacting reporters at local papers to have articles written.

You can also donate a little time each Saturday or Sunday to work at our adoption events. Here you help maintain the event equipment and make sure everything is ready for the next event. Cuddling the kitties is a bonus!

Perhaps the most rewarding ways to volunteer is by becoming a foster parent. They provide the homes for our kittens until they are ready to be adopted. They are really dedicated to the well being of the kittens. Raising them to be social, friendly and playful can take time, but what a reward it is to see your kittens reach the point of adoption and know you have raised a kitten that someone will take home and love.

If you don't have any extra time, your donations of money and supplies keep us going, no matter how small.  We depend on outside donations for medical expenses, food and supplies.

No matter what you can donate it will help us to reach our goals.  A little help from many people can give us the power to do a lot of good!