Rescuing Feral Cats

Pink Paws traps feral cats and kittens in Ventura County. All our reports of feral cats come from the public.  If the cat is a male or female without kittens we alter it and find it a safe place to live. Usually its back where he or she was trapped and the person who called feeds and waters the cat.

If the cat has kittens we keep the cat and kittens allowing the mother to raise the kittens (with help from one of the fosters) until the kittens can be weaned.  At this point the mother is spayed and returned to where she was initially trapped or other safe area where she will be fed and watered.  The kittens are further socialized by one of our volunteer fosters to become friendly, loving kittens ready for adoption. This takes hours of devotion by the foster to raise the kittens.  Often the kittens have had such poor nutrition that they must be medically treated for internal parasites.  They may often have more serious medical problems.  Sometimes a foster may go to the vet several times a week.  And the foster may not be raising just one litter but may have several at a time.  It’s not an easy job but one to which our fosters are devoted.