Pink Paws
Rescue and Adoption

This little feral mama kitty was a great mother.  Not only did she take care of her litter she took some motherless kittens in as her own.  Then when all her kittens were gone and she had been spayed she still took in a single kitten to love and nurture.  Today she lives with one of our volunteers and has become a sweet, loving kitty.

This story is just one of the success stories we have about our ferals and their kittens.  

VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!  That's where you come in.  Can you spend a few hours to volunteer from your home?  You can be a virtual volunteer never leaving your home but helping us by writing columns like this, helping to maintain the website or writing news releases and stories for the newspapers and magazines.  Or you can donate a little time to cuddle the kittens and cats either at a foster home or at our adoption events.  A little more time and you can be a foster parent providing a home for the kittens and cats until they can be adopted. 

 If you don't have any extra time, your donations of money and supplies keep us going, no matter how small.  We depend on outside donations for medical expenses, food and supplies.

 No matter what you can donate it will help us to reach our goals.  A little help from many people can give us the power to do a lot of good!     



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